Laughing Lymphercise™
Laugh, Breathe, Move

Deceptively simple and disarmingly fun, Laughing Lymphercise™ is designed for recovery.

Combining safety-modified movements from recognized disciplines with the benefits of Laughter Yoga, the program encourages the participant to prepare gradually for more vigorous exercise.

Created for cancer survivors, with an emphasis on Lymphedema education, prevention strategies and management, this gentle and funfilled approach helps stimulate your lymphatic / immune system while producing endorphins, giving you a manageable & pleasant cardiovascular work out.

Laughing Lymphercise™ bridges the period of time after surgery when you need to move while still recuperating. It also works well as an accompaniment to other more physically demanding programs later on.
This is a wonderful portable starter program post surgery and it is designed to benefit those at all stages of recovery.

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