Who is Rosemary Kelly?

Her varied work experience has been nurture based. She has been known for her healthy recipes in various restaurants in Toronto, the USA & England. She ran Bumpkins in Toronto and the bistro at Cannon's Sports Club in London, devising popular healthy low fat meals. In roles ranging from events coordinator to merchandising manager, in businesses as divergent as corporate finance to indie music she has focused on people's well being.

When two of her friends were diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she became one of their primary support persons, helping with research, assisting at home and going to various doctor's appointments. During this time she decided to learn more about post surgical care. She trained at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and was the first to take the Lebed Method overseas where she taught new instructors at the Royal Brompton hospital, London England, in 2005.

Teaching cancer survivors, training new instructors, attending conferences, leading workshops, volunteering and speaking publicly over the past several years have given Rosemary a greater understanding of the needs of people living with or at risk of Lymphedema. Her association with other professionals: oncology Physiotherapists, RNs, MLD therapists, fitness instructors, LANA certified experts , Lymphedema advocates and researchers, combined with her discovery of Laughter Yoga have led to the creation of new programs and the development of new skills. The information about these can be accessed on or from this website.


"Rosemary is extremely welcoming and warm, she provides a safe space to heal.
 She shows tremendous compassion. Always smiling, encouraging and full of

"Rosemary is a joyful host/ instructor. The space is cool & clean, lovely classmates"

"Love the props! Sparks a real sense of creativity & play which is integral in healing"

"I knew Laughter felt good, but Rosemary gives a whole new meaning to 'Laughter is the best medicine' Ha ha ha!"