Personal Health Insight Workshops

This workshop is designed as a catalyst for you to formulate your own health mission and increase your quality of life.

With a common sense approach these seminars are held in groups or may be on a one to one basis.

The seminar begins with a few laughter yoga exercises followed by guided written exercises using a sectioned wheel to help give you an illustration of your overall health and areas that may need work. Though firmly based in a realistic practical context, one's spiritual self is also taken into account. Each of the sections may also be linked to a chakra to allow those who are comfortable with this point of view an extra dimension. This is interspersed with brief discussion and questions .

The result is your personalized self assessment which covers everything from your feelings about stress to your home and work environment and your relationship with others.

Afterwards you will be given resources in the way of book titles and web links that may help ameliorate weak areas and effect change.

The workshop is a starting off point for you to concentrate on yourself and help you focus on being at your best by defining your goals and helping set priorities.
It can be tailored in duration to suit the group or the individual, from two hours, a half or even a full day. The principles can also be introduced in a brief lecture format.
Because we are a work in progress, you will be given the tools to chart your progress and revisit and update the exercises.

Introduction to Living Foods Workshop

Many people are curious about the vegan raw food diet and this new way of preparing and handling familiar foods.
This small hands on workshop will introduce you to the very basics of equipment, techniques and tools including smoothies, non dairy “cheese spread†and live food dehydration.